Consulting Myths: Breaking Down the Barriers to a Bright Career Path

Many people are getting ready to transition back into the office. Some are embracing the change; others not so much. According to a new survey by Moneypenny, only 7 percent of Americans are in their dream career. If you’re among the 93 percent who have yet to find that all-fulfilling career opportunity, the Minnesota finance, accounting and project management talent solutions experts at Brillect want to shine a spotlight on one promising career path that all too often gets overlooked – consulting.


Consulting Your Way to Your Dream Job

Consulting can be an incredibly rewarding career opportunity, yet it’s often one of the most misunderstood.  Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about consulting and why you shouldn’t overlook this career path in this hot job market.


Why you should consider a consulting career

Myth: I’ll be pigeon-holed in one area or industry.

False: Consulting offers unique opportunities to broaden your resume and build your skill set in new areas.  It can be a great way to transition to a new role or industry and help you get the qualifications you need to meet your career goals. It’s a chance to try out a new job or skill set before you make a permanent commitment to a new career path. You can try something and see if it’s the right fit for you and aligns with your career aspirations.


Myth: Consulting doesn’t pay as well as direct hire positions.

Pure fiction: Compensation for consultants is highly competitive and many consultants find they make the same or more than salaried positions. One reason? Consultants are paid by the hour, so if you’re putting in an extra 5 hours, you’re paid for your time. Typically, your consulting agreement will stipulate an hourly rate and the estimated number of hours per week – all of which are negotiable.


Myth: I won’t get any benefits as a consultant.

False: Many consulting placement companies, like Brillect, offer access to benefits packages. Or ask your talent solutions expert to connect you with a third-party benefits expert to explore options for health, dental, life and disability insurance. There are lots of options and payment structures available. Consultants can factor in the cost of these benefits as they consider various consulting opportunities.


Myth: November-January is not a good time to change jobs.

Not at all: While it’s true that historically these months have not been popular times to change jobs, today’s job market is one of the hottest in years and this thinking no longer rings true. Employers just can’t wait to hire. There is strong demand to hire now, and you may miss out on opportunities if you wait.


Myth: I’ll have to work alone, and I’ll miss having co-workers.

Not true:  Consultants often work as part of a project team and develop a strong rapport with their client and colleagues once they are placed.  There are also opportunities to make connections outside the job. Once a talent solutions expert pairs you with the right opportunity, make sure they stay connected to regularly touch base, bounce ideas around and advocate for you. You can also ask your talent solutions partner about opportunities for networking, professional development and socialization with consultants who do similar work. 


Myth: Don’t start your job search until you’ve made the decision to leave.

Rookie mistake: Even if you’re thinking about a career change, now is the time to reach out to a talent solutions expert. Keep in mind that a conversation is not a commitment. Reach out to request a confidential conversation about your career interests and goals, and potential opportunities. Fit is important, so you’ll want to find a talent expert who will invest in getting to know you and helping you find a career that meets you where you’re at and where you want to be. 


Make a List, Check it Twice

Finance, Accounting & Project Management Consulting - Is Your Dream Job Waiting?

Pro tip:  Are you ready to land your dream job? The finance, accounting and project management experts at Brillect recommend you start by making a list of two key things:

-What do you love doing?

-What do you not want to be doing?

As opportunities come your way, you can assess them against these goals to see if it aligns with what you have written.   Putting this on paper forces you to be accountable and keeps you one step closer to finding that dream job.


Let Our Minneapolis Talent Solutions Firm Guide You to a New Finance and Accounting Career

Whether your dream job involves re-launching your career, working a part-time schedule or stepping into something brand new, consider consulting as a pathway to help get you there. There are lots of opportunities for Minneapolis finance and accounting professionals to explore new careers as a consultant, especially when you partner with Brillect. We partner with high-performing financial, accounting and project management professionals who are looking for rewarding work – from flexible, hourly projects, to consulting positions, to long-term employment. Whether you’re an up-and-coming leader, a seasoned professional eager for new challenges or a recently retired finance or accounting expert, we offer flexible consulting opportunities in Minnesota and nation-wide that meet you where you’re at and help put you on the path you desire. Tell us where you want to go. We’ll help you get there.

Ready to connect? Reach out via Linkedin or contact us to learn more about how consulting can be a stepping stone to a finance and accounting career that you will love.

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