Moving to the Next Level With Elevate

As professionals in the finance and accounting industry, Jeff Spellmire and Catherine Jordet were at a crossroads in their career paths. Should they specialize in one area, like tax or accounting, or was it better to diversify? Should they pursue a deep dive in one industry or would future employers value a wider spectrum of experience?

Recognizing the pivotal impact of these decisions, Jeff and Catherine turned to Elevate, a finance and accounting rotational program offered by Minneapolis talent solutions firm Brillect.

Designed by highly experienced finance and accounting professionals, Elevate helps motivated professionals build critical skillsets and experiences by rotating through carefully curated, hand-picked career opportunities in key areas over a 2-3 year time period. In addition to support during rotation assignments, Brillect offers coaching to gain feedback on work experience, maximize development opportunities and chart a career path.

Read on to learn more about Jeff and Catherine’s journey in the Elevate program.

The Elevate Experience

Elevate Experience - a finance and accounting rotational development program

Catherine’s Journey

As a CPA working in tax accounting for the past seven years, Catherine wasn’t sure of the next step to take in her career. While she enjoyed being a tax accountant, she felt the pull to gain experience in other areas in accounting and finance to round out her resume. She joined Elevate knowing Brillect would help guide her through different work experiences beyond tax that were suited to her needs. Read More

Elevate Experience - a finance and accounting rotational development program

Jeff's Journey

Jeff had spent the beginning of his career in public accounting. After he decided to leave public accounting, he took employee with a Fortune 500  manufacturing company as a corporate entry-level analyst. However, he hadn’t found the rewarding career opportunity he knew was still out there and sought more strategic career direction. In search of his next chapter, he connected with the Elevate program to chart a new course. Read More

A Unique and Fast-tracked Perspective

Catherine and Jeff have taken different paths on their career journey, but they have one thing in common – a roadmap that Elevate has provided to help them navigate the way. With each step in their Elevate journey, Catherine and Jeff have tested new roles, tried out companies of various sizes and industries, and incorporated feedback from their Brillect coach to maximize their professional growth and development and gain clarity on their career goals. The experience of being in a finance and accounting rotational program has given them a unique and fast-tracked perspective of the opportunities within finance, along with the direction, confidence and skillsets to elevate their career to the next level.

Looking for a New Roadmap for Your Career Journey?

Brillect’s Elevate program is currently accepting applications for new participantsContact us today to learn how to boost your career by rotating through hand-picked, strategic career opportunities in finance and accounting, along with coaching from a seasoned Brillect professional.

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