Pricing Challenge Assignment a Winning Formula for Brillect Consultant

Melissa Rubey is a veteran consultant with more than a decade of experience lending her finance expertise to companies across the Twin Cities. 

After spending the early part of her career in public accounting and accounting roles in the private sector, she was drawn to consulting because of its inherent flexibility, variety, and opportunities to apply her skill set to new challenges.  

“I love the variety of working on something new and different all the time,” said Melissa. “I didn’t want to go down the path of becoming a VP and concentrate in one specific area. I wanted to choose what I work on, who I work for and where I spend my time. Consulting allows me to do that.”

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The Right Person for the Challenge at Hand

After working in other consulting roles, Melissa joined Brillect Talent Solutions as a Consultant in 2021. She was immediately tapped for a complex, high-stakes assignment with a global manufacturing client who wanted to validate and track pricing changes that were impacting multiple divisions and product lines across the world.

“This assignment had two objectives,”’ explained Melissa. “First, we needed to verify that margin improvements had been calculated in the right area, factoring in variables like product line, market and geography. It was important to have a consistent methodology to validate that the right pricing was in place.”

Melissa’s second objective was to build out a dashboard for tracking and analyzing pricing changes.  The client needed a vehicle to track the amount of pricing increases, the trigger for the increase and how it was being applied across different regions or divisions. 

“As a consultant, I was able to offer an unbiased, outside perspective that was free of any preconceived notions,” said Melissa.  “I could really dig into the data without any assumptions and get input from key stakeholders in a way that made everyone feel like their voice was heard.” 

Having been an end-user of a similar tracking system, Melissa was able to provide a unique lens into how different teams, departments and management would want to use and draw data from the tool.  She enjoyed helping her client gain a better understanding of how they build in pricing and systemize a methodology for price increases going forward.

“While high inflation and supply chain constraints are impacting pricing for many organizations today, price volatility isn’t just a short-term issue,” said Melissa. “Industries will always be impacted by changes in the marketplace, so companies need to have a plan in place for managing margins and price elasticity over the long-term.”

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A Bright Future Ahead

Melissa is already looking forward to her next assignment, enjoying the variety and flexibility that comes from being a consultant. “In my previous career, I was always the person who canceled plans at the last minute because of work,” she said. “Now I can make that dinner date with a friend or plan a long road trip to California and feel confident that it’s going to happen. It’s really the best of both worlds to have a fulfilling career and the balance I need in my personal life.”

Working with Brillect has been one of the highlights of Melissa’s career journey.  She appreciates that they work hard to find the right fit, only presenting her with roles that match her expertise, interests, and career goals. 

“Brillect really focuses on relationships and long-term partnerships,” she said. “I know when they present me with an opportunity, it’s going to be a great fit and a rewarding assignment. I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited about working. I’m energized to get out of bed every day and get to work.”

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