Andrea Sande

Andrea Sande has always been fearless when it comes to setting goals. A veteran accounting professional, Andrea has sought out new opportunities to broaden her skill set, meet new people and venture into new industries as part of her career in auditing, risk management, governance, and compliance. She even added wedding planning as a side business a few years ago – just to try something new.

Exploring New Challenges

With a long track record of taking on new challenges both at work and home, it came as no surprise when Andrea announced a new goal for 2022 – to hike solo along the 2,180-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The experience was sure to be the trip of a lifetime, but along with the excitement and anticipation came one more new challenge for Andrea – an extended absence from work. Never one to let obstacles get in the way of her dreams, Andrea connected with Brillect to explore potential consulting opportunities that could provide meaningful, flexible work leading up to her hiking trip and pick right back up upon her return at the end of summer.

She was immediately impressed with the Brillect team’s willingness to listen to and discuss her career goals and invest in her success. She appreciated Brillect’s support and genuine encouragement for both her personal and professional goals. Andrea is currently working on assignment for Brillect in an audit role within the healthcare industry – another venture into new territory. She loves working with an awesome, flexible team and feels rewarded that her contributions are making a real difference. When her consulting contract was up with a little extra time to spare before her trip, Brillect helped facilitate an extension because she loves what she’s doing and can’t wait return to a rewarding career.

In March 2022, Andrea will depart on her five-month journey to hike footpaths from Georgia to Maine using only her need for food, water and a hot shower to navigate stops along the way. We hope to follow along on her journey and share updates about Andrea’s latest adventure.

Finance and Accounting Consulting Opportunities

"I could do consulting for the rest of my life. I love being able to use my entrepreneurial spirit to set new goals, learn new industries, diversify my skill set and work with new teams. Consulting offers a constantly fresh perspective, all while letting you lean into what you love with the flexibility you need to do it. "

– Andrea Sande

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