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From Consultant to Client

Alex Parsons was a highly accomplished finance leader working for a global financial services firm. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, a palpable shift occurred. Alex found himself putting in more time than ever before, yet feeling less excited about his work and craving work that felt more purposeful.

Connected for Life

Recognizing a need to recalibrate, Alex reached out to Kristine Boedigheimer, a former finance colleague at Target who had started a new finance, accounting and project management consulting company called Brillect.

“I knew right away there was something special about Brillect,” said Alex. “I could see they were genuine advocates for people like me who wanted engaging, fulfilling careers with healthy boundaries between work and life.”

Alex and Kristine met several times, diving deeply into his interests, skills and who he is as a person to identify what consulting opportunities would make a good fit.

“Kristine took the time up front to get to know me as a person, beyond my resume,” said Alex. “She wanted to understand my needs, goals, and personal life and match me with the right position – not just an open position.”


Finding the Perfect Fit

Alex was tapped for a senior-level finance, planning and analysis (FP&A) role at Minneapolis-based Be the Match, a nonprofit organization that helps patients get life-saving bone marrow and stem cell transplants. He joined their medical analysis team to help manage the financials and pricing of the nonprofit’s products and services.

“I loved the work and felt very connected to the mission,” he said. “It was a great opportunity to work with a nonprofit in the medical industry, and it overlapped nicely with my experience leading teams in FP&A.”

During his six-month consulting engagement with Be the Match, Alex went from feeling burnt out and disconnected at home to thriving at work and in his personal life. With better work-life balance, he had  more time to spend with his two children, participate in the Dancing Dads’ group with his daughter, play in his band and be a more active member of the St. Paul Bouncing team.

“It’s not an understatement to say my new career with Brillect changed my life,” said Alex. “My blood pressure went down 40 points, and I wasn’t bringing work home with me in a negative way.”


Coming Full Circle

While Alex’s original plan was to stay with Brillect as a consultant, he ended up converting from consultant to an employee of Be the Match after six months and was recently promoted to Director of FP&A.

“The fit was perfect,” said Alex. “The team at Brillect has fantastic instincts to find the right person for the right role.”

Alex is not only an advocate for Brillect, he’s now a client. He’s brought on two Brillect consultants during his tenure as an employee at Be the Match, one of whom he hired full-time and promoted to a leadership position.

“Both of the consultants from Brillect were extremely high performing, great professionals, and really good at their jobs,” said Alex. “When I hire a consultant from Brillect, I have a high level of confidence that they can get up and running quickly and add value because they do their due diligence to find the right pairing. There’s a baseline of quality that is built in with Brillect.”


Putting People First

In his unique position as a client and former consultant, Alex says it’s Brillect’s mindset about working with people that makes them a true standout.

“They treat people the way they would want to be treated,” said Alex. “This starts with putting people in roles where they can be successful both professionally and personally. It’s more than lip service – you see it in their approach.”

While Alex was initially unsure about pursuing a career in consulting, he says Brillect gave him the confidence he needed to make the leap.

“They’ve created this high-touch experience that feels like a safety net of support for both clients and consultants,” said Alex. “They do their homework to make sure the objectives, scope and expectations of each engagement are a fit with the needs and wants of the consultant who will fill the role. It’s sets up a win-win situation.”

As a consultant, Brillect gave Alex the confidence he needed to change industries, get out of his comfort zone, and regain a healthier approach to balancing work and life.

As a client, Alex knows he can count on Brillect’s extensive network of talented professionals to help him advance his objectives and navigate challenges with an unmatched level of expertise and professionalism.


Forging a True Partnership

Alex says that Brillect has stayed true to their values of being connected for life, keeping in close contact with him every step of the way whether in his role as client, consultant or outside the office.

“Brillect really does exemplify what true partnership is all about,” says Alex. “I’m glad to have them in my corner.”

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"They do their homework to make sure the objectives, scope and expectations of each engagement are a fit with the needs and wants of the consultant who will fill the role. It’s sets up a win-win situation. and"

– Alex Parsons

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