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When Jamie P., the vice president of finance and accounting for a regional medical practice management company, had an unexpected and urgent need to fill a critical accounting position just two days before Christmas, she knew just who to call.
The Right Resource, Right When You Need Them

Jamie had worked with Erica Eggers, co-founder of the Minneapolis-based finance, accounting, HR and project management consulting firm Brillect, in previous roles. In fact, Jamie had been introduced to her company as a consultant with Brillect, eventually transitioning from consultant to employee.

“Erica and her colleagues Kelly Weight and Kristine Boedigheimer are the most authentic, genuine people in their line of business,” said Jamie. “When our hair was on fire, I knew nobody could give me a better response than Brillect.”

Jamie’s team was in the middle of implementing a new purchasing process and transitioning Accounts Payable (AP) offshore when a critical member of the team left the company. The timing couldn’t have been worse – project deadlines were looming, and the end of the year was fast approaching.

“I called Erica in the morning to explain the situation and by the afternoon, I was interviewing the perfect person for the role,” said Jamie. “Not only did Brillect find someone with the specific technical expertise needed, but their candidate also had strategic capabilities that helped us fix underlying processes and address key issues. They checked all the boxes and more.”

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Jamie says Brillect is the best in the business when it comes to matching the right consultant with the right role.

“Brillect is all about true authenticity,” said Jamie. “They’re not going to sugarcoat anything or try to throw spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks, and they won’t shy away from saying ‘no’ if they don’t have the right person for the role.”

She says Brillect only sends viable candidates to clients – not just profiles for the sake of sending profiles. “When I’ve met with a potential consultant from Brillect, I haven’t needed to see anyone else.”

Since joining the regional medical management practice company, Jamie has hired three Brillect consultants, including an interim controller and a general ledger accountant. Each time, she says Brillect has dug in to help her diagnose the problem or challenge and quickly translate it into actionable solutions.

“I’ve found Brillect’s consultants to be highly efficient, great communicators and internally motivated,” said Jamie. “Within the first week, they were digging in and producing results with very little supervision.”

Connected For Life

Jamie has a unique perspective on what it’s like to work with Brillect having been both a client and a consultant.

“Brillect understands who their consultants are and what they want out of their career,” said Jamie. “They do more than place consultants – they take good care of you and have a genuine interest in developing your career.”

As a consultant, Jamie appreciated Brillect’s willingness to advocate for her needs — whether it was her career goals, desire for work/life balance or stepping into discussions with clients — so she could stay focused on the work.

When Jamie transitioned from consultant to employee at her company, she wasn’t surprised to receive a handwritten congratulatory note from Erica, but it left a lasting impression.

She says Erica continues to stay in touch, looking for opportunities to check in, connect and support Jamie in her professional career and personal life.

“If I ever go back to consulting, Erica will be the first person I call,” said Jamie.

Trusted Partner

Jamie encourages any potential clients or consultants looking to partner with a finance, accounting, HR or project management consulting firm to reach out to Brillect. “I take pride in recommending places I believe in and have served me well,” said Jamie. “I don’t hesitate to steer anyone toward Brillect.”

Jamie Pitts

"Not only did Brillect find someone with the specific technical expertise needed, but their candidate also had strategic capabilities that helped us fix underlying processes and address key issues. They checked all the boxes and more. and"

– Jamie P.

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