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System Integration Project Management

With an established relationship and a consultant already on the ground backfilling a Controller position, Brillect proactively identified an opportunity to problem-solve the challenge of consolidating month-end financial statements from the multiple subsidiaries.

When a Private Equity-Backed Firm Acquired Six Companies Running Different Accounting Platforms, They Turned to Brillect to Help Harmonize Their Systems

True to their value of “taking care of people,” Brillect went a step further, working collaboratively with the client to understand all the moving parts involved with the broader integration and put the right talent and strategy in place to support their broader goals. Brillect placed a team if consultants with the firm, some dedicated to the integration and others who supported the continuity of day-to-day operations, including HR, finance and accounting. Never one to sit back and wait to add value, Brillect has become a key advisor and partner to the firm at a critical juncture in their growth, always standing ready to offer talent solutions that help the client succeed.

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