Taking the Next Steps to Land Your Dream Job

Job hunting can seem like a daunting task. The very thought of finding a new job – even if you’re seriously unhappy with the one you’re doing day in and day out – can feel so overwhelming that it keeps many people from taking that first step. The good news? There is a path forward to help you find your dream career, and the experts at Minneapolis talent solutions firm Brillect have tips to assist you in laying the groundwork.


Job Search Strategies

The Minnesota accounting, finance and project management recruiting team at Brillect has four things that every job seeker should reflect on and then write down to plant the initial seeds for their job search strategy.

Job Search Strategy for Finding the Right Job


Let’s Dive Into Each of Them


I want a job that…

The Brillect talent solutions experts are regularly meeting with people who are looking for new opportunities, including many who aren’t happy with their current job. Whether we’re meeting up for coffee or via Zoom, these would-be job seekers articulate what they don’t like about their current position, but it’s more challenging for them to articulate what they do want in a future position. Take time to think about what it is you want…is it more flexibility, a closer commute, or maybe more project management and less tactical work? The key is to write it down on paper. This is important for two reasons: 1) it helps focus the path to get you closer to a better career fit, and equally important, 2) it steers you away from a job that doesn’t check all the boxes.


I don’t want a job that…

As obvious as it might sound, taking time to document what you don’t want in a job is important – so you don’t end up in that very type of job. All too often, our team hears from a candidate who tells us they don’t want a long commute or a project implementation role or a supervisory position, only to hear that the person took a new job that is all those things. Often, those same contacts circle back several months down the road realizing they’ve ended up right back at the place they started – dissatisfied with their job. Writing down your “don’t want’s” is a way to hold yourself accountable and ensure you’re moving toward your ultimate goal of landing the right job, versus simply landing a new job. That distinction is very important.


I am happiest when…

Reflect on what brings you the most joy at your job. What are your career highlights and why? Are there any common threads that you can weave together to guide you to your true north? Being able to describe what makes a great day at work increases the likelihood you’ll find a position that leads to more great days. Pinpointing the driver of those happiest moments is key.


Here are two things that you can do to help with my job search…

When you network for a new job, go in with a specific list of things that the person can do to be helpful. Are you looking to be notified of future job openings? Do you want an introduction to someone at a specific company? Are you seeking a connection to someone in your dream field? Having a prepared “ask” helps make the most of your meeting and puts you even closer to getting your dream job. It also shows your networking contact that you value their time, are prepared and have a plan of action – all qualities that are likely to leave a positive and lasting impression.


Getting Started with Your Job Search

Taking the time to do some self-exploration at the start of your job search helps you get farther, faster.  Sure, updating your LinkedIn profile is important and dusting off the resume is a no-brainer, but don’t overlook the importance of doing your homework to uncover what it is you truly want out of your career. Landing a new job is easy, but landing the right job – one that challenges you, rewards you and makes you excited to go to work every day – takes more forethought. 


Let our Minneapolis Talent Solutions Experts Help You Land Your Next Job

Job Search Strategy GuideThe Minnesota talent solutions experts at Brillect are offering a free, downloadable Job Search Strategy guide to help job seekers reflect on four things to advance the ball on your journey toward a rewarding, fulfilling new career. If you’re thinking about making a job move, download the form to start a conversation with yourself about how your next career can look different. In the words of the great Maya Angelou, “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”

Ready to take the first step on your job search? Reach out to Brillect to help find the perfect finance, accounting or project management position in Minneapolis or nationwide.  Let our experts be your trusted partner as you look for new full-time, part-time or flexible career opportunities that are fulfilling, rewarding and put you on the path to achieve your goals.

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