Darcy Herrig - Talent Acquisitions Director - Brillect

Darcy Herrig

Talent Solutions Director

Darcy Herrig isn’t just our Talent Solutions Director, she’s a professional matchmaker responsible for keeping our fine-tuned machine humming. Always on the lookout for rising talent, Darcy doesn’t believe in ‘one size fits all.’  Instead, she connects promising individuals on the search for a new path with our Client Solutions Directors while helping identify the best opportunities for success between client and individual.

Darcy is the ultimate go-getter, both professionally and personally, something clearly evidenced by her 4:30 wake-up call to swim laps in the pool every morning and her impressive professional background. After majoring in accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Darcy went on to earn a Certified Internal Audit designation. This valuable certification contributed to her successes while working in accounting, finance and audit in a variety of industries. However, her true passion, much to our good fortune, is helping people transform their careers by connecting them with consulting opportunities that infuse new levels of energy and job satisfaction.

Problem solvers. Opportunity creators.

partnership forgers.

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