Emily Gazelka

Emily Gazelka

Principal Advisor

Emily Gazelka jokes that her middle name should be “problem solver”. Her superpower is brainstorming solutions to cut through roadblocks and regulatory hurdles, a skill that helped her successfully navigate highly challenging priorities and scope changes during her 18-year tenure in various leadership positions at financial services companies. Known for her resilient, collaborative and empathetic leadership style, she has built her career tackling problems that others were unable to solve. As a Principal Advisor with Brillect, Emily enjoys developing end-to-end strategies for new industries and businesses, leaning on her wide breadth of experience in operations, program management, process improvement, product development and regulatory strategy. With an emphasis on ruthless scope management and consistent prioritization, Emily’s clients value her ability to help them seamlessly tackle challenging endeavors and quickly transition back to business as usual.

Problem solvers. Opportunity creators.

partnership forgers.

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