Greta Menozzi - Director of Client & Talent Management at Brillect

Greta Menozzi

Director of Client & Talent Management

Greta is one of the best relationship builders in the business. She’s also a highly accomplished accounting professional, serving in senior management roles at Redpath, CLA, Best Buy and Deloitte where she earned a reputation for cultivating strong relationships, problem solving and delivering innovative results. An extrovert by nature, you’ll quickly see that Greta loves people! It comes as no surprise that her passion is connecting people with the work they love to do – a perfect fit for Brillect.

Greta is a leading force behind client management and our industry-leading professional development program, helping our consultants chart the best path forward to meet their professional goals, keep their skills fresh and find joy in going to work every day.

Problem solvers. Opportunity creators.

partnership forgers.

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