What Does It Mean To Be a Finance & Accounting Consultant?

A self-described “jack-of-many-trades,” Bhavin Trivedi is a finance professional with more than 30 years of experience, ranging from Wall Street to start-ups to consulting.

His work and family life have taken him around the globe, but once his family settled back in Minnesota, all roads led him back to the world of consulting.

The Right Fit

He re-connected with Erica Eggers, a former co-worker who had recently co-founded Brillect, which offers a new approach for delivering finance, accounting and project management consulting. With an emphasis on helping clients navigate complex business challenges, cultivating relationships, and customizing career paths, Bhavin knew that joining forces as a consultant with Brillect was a perfect fit.

“I get immense satisfaction from applying my skills, experience and professional toolkit to add value for clients,” says Bhavin, “Coming in as a dedicated resource with a fresh perspective that is free of internal politics or red tape, I’m able to jump in, assess a situation and provide a solution. I love delivering tangible results.”

Bhavin’s current assignment with Brillect has put him right back into his sweet spot – solving problems for clients. Working on a compensation accounting project, he recently saw an opportunity to save a client 4-5 hours a week on a monotonous calculation. The fix? He wrote an Excel macro that calculates the same information in 5-10 minutes, freeing up valuable time for his client to spend on other priorities. Meanwhile, in other assignments, Bhavin has helped design and build a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) function. “It is this broad range from tactical implementations to strategic planning that makes consulting an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience,” says Bhavin.

In addition to solving complex business challenges, Bhavin also appreciates the inherent flexibility in finance & accounting consulting – something he values as a busy parent with primary responsibility for juggling carpool, homework, and after-school activities.

Understanding his need for flexibility, Brillect paired Bhavin with an assignment where he could have the summers off to be with his children. And once summer was over and he was ready to jump back in, Brillect had another amazing opportunity hand-picked for him.

Fulfilling Opportunities

“Erica, Kelly and Kristine are very deliberate and purposeful in the assignments they bring to me,” he said. “They take what I want into consideration and never try to force a fit or throw something against the wall just to see if it sticks.”

Alongside flexibility, Bhavin also looks for consulting opportunities that are meaningful, fulfilling and prioritize people – something that drew him to Brillect in the first place.

“What really strikes me about Brillect’s approach to business is the way they take care of people in their ecosystem – both the client and the consultant,” Bhavin said. “They really understand how to cultivate and nurture relationships.”

He credits Brillect’s culture, where people treat each other right and do the right thing, that make the company a place he loves to work and highly recommend to others.

“Brillect really looks out for their people and cares about all of their stakeholders,” said Bhavin. “They know how to treat people right, provide them with great opportunities and work hard to solve their client’s challenges. It’s a winning formula.”

At present, Bhavin is enjoying the challenge his current position offers, tapping into his years of experience to flex both his analytical and problem-solving mindset. As for what’s next? He knows the road ahead is brimming with possibility and looks forward to charting a path forward with Brillect.

Is Consulting the Right Path For You?

Bhavin’s story is one of many at Brillect, and we can truthfully say that no two paths look the same. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for our consultants or our clients. Instead, we use a hands-on, high-touch approach to help our consultants map their career path to find work that is fulfilling and impactful. The result is better outcomes for our clients. A full circle of benefits that begins right here.

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