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Elevate yourself personally.

Elevate your career professionally.

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A Finance & Accounting Rotational Development Program Built For Your Next Chapter


Start your next chapter with Elevate.

Designed by highly experienced finance and accounting professionals, Elevate helps motivated professionals with two to six years of experience build critical skillsets and rotate through career-enhancing opportunities in key areas over a 2-3 year period. In addition to ongoing support during rotation assignments, participants receive one-on-one coaching to gain feedback on their work experiences, maximize development opportunities and chart their career paths. 

Elevate professionals complete the salaried program after gaining a diverse set of finance and accounting experiences, with the perspective needed to embark on the next chapter of their careers.

Elevate your knowledge.

Experience new challenges and expand your skillsets through rotations with Brillect clients in the areas of:

  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Accounting
  • FP&A
  • System Implementation Projects
  • Controllership
  • Treasury

From initial placement and throughout each role, participants are supported by Brillect professionals with ongoing check-ins to ensure a positive and value-added experience.

Elevate yourself.

In addition to developmental work experiences, participants in the program have ongoing coaching sessions to reflect on client work, discuss assessments and map career goals.

Professionals enrolled in the program are also eligible for:

  • Salaried Position
  • Employee Benefits
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Career Guidance

Led by our senior-level Accounting and Finance team, graduates complete the program with a better understanding of their long-term career aspirations and themselves.

What's it like to be part of our salaried rotational development program?

Read first-hand accounts from three program participants about the direction, confidence and skillsets they’ve gained while participating in our Elevate program.

Elevate Experience - a finance and accounting rotational development program

Jeff Spellmire

Jeff knew he hadn’t found the rewarding career opportunity he felt was still out there and sought a more strategic career direction. In search of his next chapter, he connected with the Elevate program to chart a new course.

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Elevate Experience - a finance and accounting rotational development program

Catherine Jordet

As a CPA working in tax accounting for the past seven years, Catherine wasn’t sure of the next step to take in her career. She joined Elevate knowing Brillect would help guide her through different work experiences beyond tax.

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Andrew, a brillect consultant

Andrew Pederson

Looking forward to a new chapter following a career in auditing, Andrew Pederson knew he had found the company and culture he was looking for upon his first meeting with Brillect.

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The Elevate program presents the opportunity to work with an amazing team to map my career with my personal vision in mind. As my life and interests evolve, so do the opportunities through this personalized program.

Many companies love the catch phrases like “Great Culture” and “People over Profits”… The team at Brillect lives and breathes this message in a way that’s rare to find in the business world.

I appreciate that the Elevate program has helped me develop both personally and professionally. Meeting and working with amazing clients to help with roles and projects that fit my interests while expanding my network with a vast array of knowledge and experience has proved to be an immensely valuable and career-enhancing experience.

– Travis B., Elevate Consultant

High Caliber Talent When & Where You Need It

What do our clients gain from Elevate? Access to experienced and highly motivated talent ideally suited to help reach both short and long-term company goals.

Designed to match the right talent with the right opportunity, Elevate provides guidance and support throughout each project, ensuring a successful, valuable and results-oriented experience for both client and professional. And that's just the short-term.

In the long run, our clients recognize the benefits of developing the next generation of multi-faceted professionals while showcasing their company and roles to individuals mapping the next step in their long-term careers.

I was drawn to consulting in general because I wanted an opportunity to experience a variety of industries and roles within the finance and accounting realm in order to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to build a foundation for the rest of my career.

Once I met with the team at Brillect, I knew it was a perfect fit because it was clear that they were genuinely invested in my success on a personal and professional level.

Since joining Brillect, the team has continued to demonstrate their investment in my future at every step. I know that I always have somebody I can talk to about any questions or concerns with a specific client project, or about goals for my path forward. I have felt engaged in the roles that I have taken on, and I know that that will continue to be a priority as I progress.

I would recommend the program to anybody who is ready to challenge themselves to take on new experiences to add to their toolbelt. The first hand experiences I have gained within this first year with Brillect are invaluable for my development, both personally and professionally.

– Andrew P., Elevate Consultant

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