Celebrating a Major Milestone: Brillect’s One-Year Anniversary

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Brillect Talent Solutions is celebrating our one-year anniversary!  In 2021, our co-founders – Kelly Weight, Erica Eggers and Kristine Boedigheimer – set out to re-write the playbook on how to connect high-performing accounting, finance and project management professionals with fulfilling work that drives successful outcomes.

Harnessing their deep, hands-on expertise and passionate resolve that there had to be a better way to match great talent with rewarding careers, they created a fresh approach to delivering high-impact finance and accounting consulting services. Today, Brillect’s winning combination of exceptional talent + expert strategy is helping both our clients and consultants succeed, accelerating their goals and helping them accomplish more.

As we celebrate this big milestone, our co-founders recently sat down to reflect on their tremendous journey over the past 12 months.   


Q: What’s been the highlight of your first year in business?

A: We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from both clients and consultants who believe in our vision and values and want to work with us. 

On the consultant side, it’s inspiring to watch so many talented professionals put their faith and trust in us to help them find more fulfilling, meaningful careers. When our consultants reach out to tell us their experience has been transformational and helped them live better lives, it’s an incredibly rewarding, full-circle moment. It affirms what we set out to do when creating Brillect.

For clients, we’ve had so many that have trusted us to help them work through transitions in their businesses. We are extremely proud of how we have worked with them to ensure that we truly understand their needs and find the best solution to help them achieve their goals

We know our message is resonating when we get calls from consultants and clients that look to us for support on their worst days AND to celebrate their best days. They know that we are here for them in both of those instances! 


Q: What’s surprised you the most about starting or running your own company?

A:  Our community of consultants and clients has grown very organically. We’ve cultivated a strong groundswell of support from people who were completely new to us but believed wholeheartedly in our mission and value proposition.  

Despite never knowing us or working with us before, these people went out on a limb to help our business grow, whether by joining our team as an employee or a client.  Some of them placed a phone call to us during a stressful transition on their worst day.  That trust means the world to us – and we carry that responsibility with great honor and determination to help them succeed.


Q: Where do you see Brillect in the next 5-10 years?

A: We want to help even more people (both clients and consultants) achieve more, meet their goals and get the balance they deserve in their lives.


Q: Where do you think contracting and consulting as an industry is headed?

A: We’re seeing explosive growth in the professional gig economy. We want to provide the support, benefits and development opportunities for people joining this professional gig movement.


Q: What do people need to know about today’s job market, both from a candidate and client perspective?

A:  On the consultant side, now is a great time to explore something new.  In fact, we’re seeing a shift toward employers who value breadth of experience, demonstrated resiliency and the ability to seamlessly shift across roles and industries. 

We sometimes hear candidates say, “I can’t leave this company because I’ve been here for 10 years, or I just want to stay two more years,” but there has never been a better time to dip your toe into new waters and try something new. This is especially true if your job doesn’t give you the enjoyment and balance you need. 

Consulting is a great gateway to try something you’ve never done before. You can try out a new role, a new company, a new skill set, or a new industry, and stay in the driver’s seat for your career and your life goals.

On the client-side, companies need to be more flexible to meet the needs of their employees.  While flexible work models and schedules are part of that equation, it also means flexibility in what companies are asking for/expecting from people. We’re telling clients to focus on finding the best person for the job – even if they don’t check all the boxes on the position description.  What are the “must-have” position requirements and what can fall into the “nice-to-have” category? Stay flexible and realize the potential when you see it in talent. Finding someone who meets every single qualification or requirement is hard in this environment, and you might overlook an amazing candidate who can grow into the role.

A big thank you to our incredible community of consultants and clients who have been with us on this journey. We are so grateful for your trust, your confidence, and your commitment to partner with us. 

And to our Brilllect team, thank you for helping us grow this amazing company to what it is today and laying the groundwork for what promises to be an even more exciting future. We couldn’t imagine a better team by our side.


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