Fresh Approach to HR Consulting Starts with Finding Your “Why” at Work

This month we launched a new practice area within Brillect – HR consulting! We are thrilled to be adding this new focus, a logical extension to our portfolio of client solutions.

We recently sat down with Maura Howard and Danielle Theirl, the two HR staffing powerhouses leading our new HR practice, to learn more about how they are breaking the mold when it comes to HR consulting.


It’s exciting to hear that Brillect is launching an HR consulting practice! Why is HR a natural extension of Brillect’s service offerings?

Adding an HR practice area at Brillect felt like clicking a puzzle piece into place. We felt such an authentic connection to Brillect’s approach, and we think it’s the perfect foundation on which to build an HR consulting practice.

It’s all about the way Brillect does business, putting the focus where it should be – on people. Whether you work in finance, accounting, project management or HR, the common thread is we work with your best interest in mind, because we know that when you succeed, our success will follow.


Why did you join forces with Brillect?  What is it about the company and its values that make it the right fit?

Having worked with two of Brillect’s founders in the past, we already knew them to be incredibly talented professionals, values-driven leaders and, quite frankly, just all-around good people. Most importantly, all of us share a common vision for doing consulting in a different way. 

They share our high standards, and we love that Brillect is guided by the values of Community, Doing the Right Thing, Always, Connecting for Life and Focusing on Results. We share the same mindset that people come first, profits second.

Who you work with matters. And we couldn’t have found a better team than Erica, Kelly + Kristine.


You’ve said Brillect will deliver a new standard of excellence for HR consulting.  What does your HR consulting model look like and how is it different?

Our difference is in the “how” we operate, versus “what” we offer. We offer the full suite of HR consulting services, but how we deliver them makes us stand out.

We focus a great deal on cultivating our consultant talent pool, going well beyond what’s on their resume. We invest a lot of time on the front end getting to know our consultants, making sure we understand their goals and their “why” behind choosing a consulting career. We dig deep to find out what brings them a sense of purpose and what success looks like at work and in life. Only then do we begin to think about potential matches.

We use the same lens when we engage with our clients, making sure we understand their goals, metrics for success and non-negotiables for the position. We’re not here to plug a hole. We’re here to make a difference. All of this means we bring the right people into the right role, providing meaningful project work for our consultants and measurable results for our clients.   


It’s been said that consulting is the work model of the future.  Do you agree and what makes consulting such a desirable career path?

We couldn’t agree more. Consulting allows individuals who have spent their career doing a wide variety of work to be more selective, choosing the areas where they want to focus. Maybe you’ve been an HR generalist your entire career but want to focus on comp & benefits or HRIS.  Or maybe you don’t quite know where you want to focus and you’re seeking exposure to new areas that make you go, “Aha! This is what I want to do with the rest of my career.” 

Consulting really allows you to steer your career in a new direction, along with flexibility that adds value to your life. It helps get to the heart of what you want out of your career. What do you love? What are your favorite outcomes? What gets you excited? That becomes the roadmap for your career.


You’re both passionate about helping people unpack their “WHY” in work + life. What makes finding your “WHY” so important and how can it shape your career?

In our experience, people get really focused on the WHAT in their career. What roles have you worked in? What industries do you have experience with? What have you accomplished?

We put the focus on the WHY. Why are you on this career path? Why are you motivated to get up and go to work on Monday morning? Why do you feel fulfilled and energized rather than depleted at the end of the day? 

Putting this focus on WHY versus WHAT may sound insignificant, but it brings us back to what really matters – and that’s the people. When you know your WHY, the rest just comes naturally.

We have both been very intentional about discovering our own WHY. We have been very fortunate to have mentors and coaches in our career that have challenged us along the way – providing us with clarity and purpose.  We’re excited to help other professionals uncover their WHY and find a new sense of purpose at work.


What’s the #1 thing that excites you about leading the HR consulting practice at Brillect?

Doing it together!  We have worked together for 15+ years. We know the highs and lows.  We leverage our similarities and learn from our differences. We’re committed to building and providing HR services to our clients in a function that is incredibly vital to any company – especially in today’s world. 


Meet the Team

Part of our people-first approach means really getting to know the people behind Brillect – our consultants, our clients, and even our own team. We’ve set out from the start to conduct business in a different way – professional, yes, but also approachable, and Maura and Danielle definitely fit the bill.  Here are some fun facts to help you get to know more about the leaders of Brillect’s HR practice outside of the office. Engaging and dynamic, we can’t wait for you all to meet them.

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Interested in learning more about our people-first approach to HR consulting in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities metro area? Find out more about the Brillect difference and how we’re helping HR professionals unlock their purpose at work. Please contact us or connect with Maura or Danielle via Linkedin.

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