Is Consulting the Work Model of the Future?

Consulting is a rapidly growing industry and only continues to grow more relevant in today’s complex business environment where expertise is in consistent demand. Consulting provides a lucrative and flexible career for those providing services and allows businesses to access highly qualified, on-demand expertise and problem-solving. Dubbed the work model of the future (and some say the future of retirement), consulting can help fill the many gaps in today’s labor market and make finding the talent you need easier. Let’s look at a few reasons why consulting is becoming the go-to solution for professionals and businesses alike.


Deflect Recession Fears

Consulting can be shielded from some of the impacts of a recession. Why? The beauty of consulting is the flexibility of not being tied down to any single industry. It’s like stock diversification, but for your career. According to Erica Eggers, co-founder of Minneapolis talent solutions firm Brillect, “Consulting puts you in the driver’s seat of your career.” She says the well-rounded nature of consulting isn’t just beneficial to your professional journey and skill development, but it can also act as a safety net, of sorts, in potentially rough times, allowing you to focus on work in industries and areas that are thriving.

From a company perspective, utilizing consultants during a recession is one of the best strategies to help control costs, leverage specialized skill sets and navigate a strategic path forward. Consultants can be deployed to help focus on critical path items and solve key problems without having to hire a full-time position for short-term needs. Operating in today’s business environment is more challenging than ever, and having the right talent to best serve your company’s needs is non-negotiable. The benefits of hiring consultants can greatly outweigh full-time hires when deployed strategically for your company.


Offer Fresh Perspective

Consultants bring a unique and honest (some may say unbiased) viewpoint to your organization that helps solve complex challenges and minimize possible internal distractions or preconceived thinking. Eggers says that consultants at Brillect thrive when allowed the opportunity to think further outside the box and contribute unique insight for a specific set of challenges.


Provide Diversity of Experience

The vast majority of consultants work with more than one company, allowing them to easily identify industry-best practices and leverage them to your company’s advantage. This enables consultants – and the companies that hire them – to stay at the forefront of innovation and the latest industry trends.


Establish Credibility

Consultants can lend quick credibility – and expertise – to help execute struggling projects that may have needed a little extra push to get to the finish line. Eggers says bringing in a subject matter expert who has “been there and done that” can add the needed bench strength to help a team quickly and efficiently advance the ball on deliverables and execution.


Provide Flexibility for Would-be Retirees

Thousands of people are retiring every day, and the talent gap in the workforce is widening as the struggle to find qualified professionals continues to grow. Consulting offers employees the flexibility they may need to stay in the workforce, allowing them the opportunity to specify everything from how, when and where they work. All while providing a highly competitive income stream.

There is an added – but often overlooked – bonus of keeping would-be retirees on the job. By staying in the workforce, these highly experienced employees can counsel and advise other workers, passing on their unique industry knowledge and expertise. It’s knowledge preservation at its finest.


Is Consulting the Work Model of the Future?


Consulting – A Path Forward

So, is consulting the future of work? We’re probably biased, but we will say consulting is an attractive work model for a wide range of workers and employers, offering both the flexibility, skill building and opportunity to move the needle with meaningful contributions. Given all these benefits, it’s no wonder people and companies alike are looking at consulting as more of a mainstream solution to today’s unique workforce environment.

And so, we ask you, what are you waiting for?

Use consulting to create those opportunities. Forge those partnerships. Attract the best-in-class talent. Don’t avoid missing out on the future of work – make yourself and your organization a part of it.


Ready to Leverage the Power of Consulting?

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